When a brewery feeds the ocean with beer rings..

Dear Sea life,

There is finally some good news coming from a brewery to you! I want to introduce you to the Saltwater brewery based in Florida. These guys have created a 100 percent bio degradable beer packaging. But wait! The good news doesn’t end there. The packaging is also edible which just means that what is trash for the humans is food for you!

The six pack beer holding rings are made out of the pulp generated from the byproducts produced in the brewing process. They are usually made up of wheat and barley! Nom Nom!


We understand that we have made your life so very miserable over the last few decades with the oil spills and the non bio degradable plastic and other materials just being discarded into your tranquil home. But this, here, is a big step by this Florida based brewery that aims to inspire breweries all over the world to follow their example and live in a peaceful win-win situation with the environment. What’s more is that according to the Salt water team, the edible six pack ring is expected to cut down the cost of the packaging!

I can see only love behind this major initiative and sense that we are heading towards a planet consisting of living beings with mutual love, respect and growth.

Let us give a big cheer to the people behind this amazing initiative and thought –


I shall keep writing to you every time I learn something that benefits you and us and spreads a little love!


Your human counterpart

Check out the video below and see what people and the Saltwater brewery has to say about it!



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